Our other enfranchisement, right to manage and lease extension websites

Our solicitors don’t just specialise in freehold purchase advice; they are also experts in many other areas of property law, particularly with regard to lease extension, lease enfranchisement and right to manage company  formation. For more information about our other property law services and how we can help you, why not visit one of the other specialist microsites listed below.


This niche website is dedicated entirely to the field of residential lease extension. It covers topics such as what leasehold extension actually is, why you might like to consider extending the lease on your flat, who is eligible to extend their lease and how to extend a lease. The site also has a readily updated blog looking at topics related to lease extension.


This is another niche website dedicated to the topic of extending a lease. If you have owned a residential leasehold property that was initially granted with a lease over 21 years, then you are likely to be eligible for an automatic right to an extended lease for a further 90 years on top of your current unexpired term, which is a great way to add value to your property and make it much more saleable. The website covers topics such as why you should extend a lease, the process of lease extension, how much a lease extension is likely to cost and answers a range of popular FAQs – as well as explaining how our lease extension solicitors can help you.


If you are a tenant who wants more control over their property then forming a right to manage company with your fellow tenants is something you really should consider. This website is dedicated to the UK right to manage and deals with the issue of how to exercise your rights to manage, what is involved in right to manage company formation as well as dealing with the responsibility involved in running a right to manage companies. The site also explains why it’s so important to use specialist right to manage solicitors to help you exercise your right to manage.


If you have an issue related to any aspect of  individual or collective enfranchisement, this website is there to help you. It covers a range of property law issues, including buying the freehold of your property, establishing an RTM company and extending your lease. It also has valuable information for freeholders and information on why you might like to consider exercising the right to buy your freehold.